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Bankruptcy: a breakdown (to make it less scary)

Robert Walker-Bankruptcy Lawyer While bankruptcy may be a word that no creditor ever wants to hear, there are oftentimes still ways to recover loans. However, there are complicated legalities and technicalities involved that differ from case to case. From a public relations perspective, debt collectors are often seen as the bad guy in such cases, […]

Wills vs Trusts: Which one is right for you?

Defining a Will and Trust Wills are more commonly known than trusts, though each type of document provides different services. In a will, the individual outlines what his or her estate includes, assigns an individual to oversee the dispersal of those items, and names the heirs to the estate. In addition to outlining what assets […]

Don’t want to go to Court? Find out what a Litigation Attorney can do for You

If you face or are involved in a lawsuit, you best protect your legal rights and interests by proactively retaining the services of an experienced litigation attorney. There a number of crucial things a litigator can do on your behalf to assist you in avoiding actually going to court. A skilled litigator can utilize tactics […]

Blended Family? How Trusts Can Help Your Children?

In Virginia, as elsewhere, asset protection is paramount in blended families. Without the right plan, the current spouse is entitled to a share of the estate, which could prevent children from a previous marriage from receiving the inheritance intended. An estate planning lawyer helps the estate owner protect their assets and set up a legal […]

Dream Board: 5 estate plan goals you need to set

If you are coming up with an estate plan for your family, there are many things that you should keep in mind. You want to make sure the estate plan accomplishes its main purpose, which is making sure that your immediate family members are taken care of once you are gone. It would be a […]